Dead Reference

by The Ladies of

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The Ladies of...


released March 11, 2016

Produced - Jeff Tomei for Rockit Productions
Recorded - Cock of the Walk Studio, GA, USA
Mastered - Glenn Schick Mastering
Look - Tim Engle for Tim Engle Design

Composers and recording artists include:

James Hall
Roman Glick
Woa Hahne Bla'de
Sam Smithwick
Jaz Jillette
Jeff Tomei
Jim Troglen
Johnny Blade
Jack Massey


all rights reserved



The Ladies of Atlanta, Georgia

The Ladies of
+ Make music mix tapes. + Many contribute. + Styles, are all over the place. + Because we have all ingested too much now, right? > The Ladies of... + dotdotdot

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Track Name: I Say Assassination You Say Genocide
I say assassination and you say genocide and I needed concentration and you needed to pulverize and be the force that cut that course and lay it out…

Before they calmed you down. Before it wore you out. And civilized your savage moves. Your situation should break into.

I needed isolation but you said “let’s live it up!” and I gave you consolation and you said “it’s not enough!”

But if we can work to curb the hurt that put us out before they spun us ‘round. Before they wore you down…

They’d say always be kind. Stay, between the lines. And make love all the time. I feel you feeling me. I feel you feeling me now.
Track Name: Rope Out Of Sheets
I had my share of the drama
Now 1 and 1 is making 3?
So I went and asked your mama
"Come light up my Christmas tree?"

I took an Xanax in the sauna
Then I almost fell asleep
I got a text from your mama
She made a rope out of sheets!

I could leave and be back in hour...?
But hey, I'd be a coward.

I get the whole say?
Say here I am!
I get the whole thing?
Then here I am!
We're going the whole way?
Here I am!
We get the whole thing?

Your mama picks up up at County
She said she wants to make peace
But she don't want you around me
She puts her hand on my knee

I left my charger in her Lexus!!!
So I couldn't see my tweets
Did you ever get my message...???
Track Name: Need The Calm To Erupt
It's been still long enough

I need the calm to erupt

Do you got my back?

While I go get my cut

I got a feeling we're screwed

I'm gonna need an excuse

Now you've got the match

But I got the fuse

And even though...

I do just what I like

Bring a knife to a fight

I got a place to lay low

Keep the shades pulled tight

I can't wash out these stains

I can't loosen these chains

I need to take off this mask

Warm the ice in my veins

I'll lay back and wait

In case you hesitate

Just put an X on my heart

And I'll drive in the stake
Track Name: Undesirable
Now she’s a slave that’s what she’s always been about

And she “keeps it loose” so she’s got “her way out.”

Now anymore, and you’re paralyzed…you get sucked in, you realize.

Now you’re over…organizing a dirty command.

Undone feelings and she’s doing the best that she can so she won’t be undesirable.

So maybe she can be, indescribable to all those strugglers out there…

Now I aint afraid and I’ll even be your vampire out in the sun.

And this is only for now ‘cause tomorrow this whole deal is done.

I’ve got harmony it even says so there on my arm.

All this “keeping the peace” and she’s “looking for a way to stay calm”
Track Name: Get Reborn
I think of all the times, the years we waste

Then get reborn back in the chase

I could tell that you loved me with your knife to my neck

All eyes are on us when we come back

'Cause I can't do this anymore – so when we come back out, again...We can't keep 'ho'ing 'round

I would drift behind you from place to place

Stayed in your shadow and smile to your face

It's better if you'd love me then put a knife to my neck

So when we walk through the door – I'm not your slave ever again
Track Name: Two Trains One Track
Tell me, did you finally shed your skin?
Did you, start over get it right?

Rebelling, committing endless sins
Abandoning, your family and friends...for this love.

2 trains, 1 track
Stops you like a heart attack
1 heart, 2 cracks
Can we...ever...fix it back?

We make peace, we lay awake at night.
They form teams, but we never had to fight...for our love was always here, always real

2 trains, 1 track
Stops you like a heart attack
1 heart, 2 cracks
Can we ever fix it back?
1 hope, 2 views
Bad things that we choose
2 hearts, 1 fuse
Everything we hoped...we'd never lose.

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