Rope Out Of Sheets

by The Ladies of

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Cut at The Cock of The Walk - Georgia, USA
Pro' Deuced by Jeff Tomei
All songs contain beats + notes.
All songs contain human + mechanical performances.
Cut #5 captured + enhanced at Dream Catcher - Alabama, USA
Mastered by Glenn Schick
Engineering Excellence by Eric Watters included
Imagery + Design via Tim Engle


released March 13, 2015

In various collaborative scenarios - writers, recording & performing artist artists featured:
Sam Smithwick
James Hall
Roman Glick
Jeff Tomei
Jack Massey
Glenn Schick
Jaz Jillette
Jason Ray Fondren
Johnny Blade
Andy Slagle
Eric McFadden
Tom Bagby
Adam Mackintosh
Burr Settles
Nick Nickerson
John Fuller
Woa Hahne Bla'de
Jamey Clark
Andrea Wittgens
Jim Troglen
Kim Manning
Eric Watters


all rights reserved



The Ladies of Atlanta, Georgia

The Ladies of
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Track Name: I've Got You Trained
you are looking your best in your heels in your dress
you know how it feels there no need to protest, awe babe
you been trained

there will be no more time for your family and friends
you got your hair done up like I like it again now babe
you been trained

there will be no conversation about your broken home
there will be no more calls from the prison phone, no babe
i got you trained

I like how you bring me the heat when I am cold
I like how you smile when you do what your told now babe
you been trained

you do what you want, take a walk in the park
but make no mistake you are on lock after dark now babe

we can rough if you are up for the task
You take what you want but you are going have to ask me first
I got you trained

...I know you will understand when you eat from my hand
...You will know who is tzar when you ride in my car
Track Name: When It Gets Good Again
look like you were walking in a magazine
everyone around you was turning green
never seen a city girl that looked so lost
you cast your shadows like

when it get bad
is it like nothing that you've had
and when it is good again
does it leave you feeling sad?

to hear all those birds sing for you

i was sleeping in the chapel when i heard your prayer
you were drinking holy water like it was Everclear
never heard a choir girl that could sing so low

check it out, check it out sister
Track Name: Young Enough To Recover
Now baby I'm ok with that \ Cause I know we're never coming back
And maybe we can build a shrine / To all the things we're gonna leave behind

I - I - I - I can't stay away, can't stay way

I'll be the one to light the flame \ if you'll hang, take some of the blame
Then we'll have to wait our turn / before we watch our bridges burn

Maybe we should knock ourselves out \ for all the things that we have been about
And maybe we could try again \ for all the things that we have done and been
Maybe you should take my hand \ if you really want to understand
The love we thought that so is over! Now you know how it feels

In your vision it is your decision + I only read about it
But it is true! You are living it.
Don't let 'em tell you that you're only getting older...
Give up the lines...there are much better ways to pass your time
Track Name: Keep On Driving
we been together for nearly twenty years
had our share of laughter and our share of tears
we have seen sunny days and sleepless night
and i stood beside, if you were wrong or right

but if you feel your heart has moved on
and it is easier, on your own
cause it seems our need for love takes us down
different roads
...keep on driving

you been getting home just before dawn
up to now, i was happy to play along
i don't need a reason, don't need proof
i would satisfied with a simple truth

well you can't put your love in chains
and the heart...
was meant for freedom

you feel
so much pain inside
that it seems your need for love takes us down
different roads
Track Name: Borrowed Soul
let me choke on your spirit
going to roll in your hay
want to walk in your shadow
you can call it trade
let me smile in your mirror
and say what you say
let me try on your jewelry
and lay where you lay
you got that taste in your mouth
but you got nothing to say
and that pillow you dream on
is still keeping your shape
gonna try all your things on
and smile like you smile
let me roll back your covers
and sleep for a while
and i will give to you this borrowed soul can call it a trade
when we were first meeting
you were laughing out loud
and that soul that was yours baby
you lost in a crowd
now all of your friends having been asking
"where on earth did you go?"
i took that laugh that was yours and told 'em
"I don't know!"
so get used to it baby
all those things that you bought
they were never yours
they were part of the plot
and the shadow you are keeping?
that one you ignore?
you won't ever see it
until it crosses your door

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