Slinging Beauty

by The Ladies of

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Out onto the carpet, we hacked up an outrageous wager.
Wiping our mouth with the back of our hand, we did the math.

We're talking about songs here people.
Jams on the server.
Each aspiring for consumption by the thirsty music lover, where ever that love might be.
Might roam.

So we dared ourselves to make a wicked hit every month.
There are 12 months in the year and in between...
A lot of heart beats and glorious distractions stacked upon gnarly abstractions.

Our algorithm had a short in it, so we referred to mythic schematics, factoring in ass and ego via text and momentary blasts of good timing.

What you hear here is what made it's way off of the carpet.
Hey, we all sling beauty.
In some way.


released February 21, 2018

Produced - Jeff Tomei for Rockit Productions
Recorded - Cock of the Walk Studio, GA, USA
Mastered - Glenn Schick Mastering
Look - Tim Engle for Tim Engle Design

Composers and recording artists include:

James Hall
Roman Glick
Woa Hahne Bla'de
Sam Smithwick
Jaz Jillette
Jeff Tomei
Jim Troglen
Johnny Blade
Jack Massey


all rights reserved



The Ladies of Atlanta, Georgia

The Ladies of
+ Make music mix tapes. + Many contribute. + Styles, are all over the place. + Because we have all ingested too much now, right? > The Ladies of... + dotdotdot

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Track Name: Set Me Up
we gonna take 'em to the surface
make 'em write my name in cursive
take a photo in the kitchen
in the middle of the night
we're gonna have a pillow fight
you know I am straight tripping

you know it's in my nature
to want my picture in the paper
i've been swimming in the volume
well there ain't go be no stopping
with them pistols be popping
pop a zero in the column

got a fever folks are catching
got the masses acting wretched
when you're pointing at the sinner
if you are asking for a blessing
we're gonna keep 'em second guessing
now you're looking at a winner
Track Name: Hit Like That
I keep the streets clean in front of my place...
Track Name: Dance For It
The lipstick never hit your face...
Track Name: We Can't Fight
now do you dare me? to laugh at all of this they say is scary. and take away all of the we can't fight if you just walk away. now do we bury? all of the things that we can't carry. And act like all of this is so very...part of being loved. Now do you want me? to act like all of this aint gonna haunt me. And act like I don't hear the calling...of knowing "when's" enough. How do we share these? moments that become our memories. And our heart keeping up with a series of never letting go.
Track Name: I Feel You Feeling Me
Your heart + beats like thunder + while we brace + to go under + + + +

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